Awesome Apps on Elementary OS App Store

Recently we looked at a review of Elementary OS. Well here is some good news for you, the developers published a page on GitHub that contains a list of incredible applications, tools and all things shiny in Elementary OS. All apps are coordinated into categories.

Elementary OS Apps


  • Cozy – A modern audio book player
  • eRadio – A minimalist radio player
  • Metronome – A simple click
  • Melody – A music player to play local music files, online radios and Audio CD’s
  • Tranqil – Enjoy chilling sounds of nature
  • Vocal – A modern Podcast Client


  • Cipher – Encode and decode text
  • Clipped – Manage your clipboard without any hassle
  • Desktop Folder – Bring your desktop back to life
  • Lottery – Determine who will be the winner
  • Monitor – Manage and monitor your system’s processes and resources
  • Wammer – Jam your WiFi network like a pro
  • Webpin – Pin your favorite websites to your desktop


  • Relay – A bespoke IRC client for elementary OS




  • Color Picker – Increase your productivity with this intuitive Color Picker
  • Lookbook – Browse and locate system icons
  • Swatches – Store various colors in one place



  • Gnonograms – Create and solve gnonogram puzzles
  • Sudoku – The number that is alone


  • Ciano – An easy-to-use multimedia file converter
  • Foto – A simple image viewer and album manager
  • Image Optimizer – A simple image optimizer for elementary OS


  • Agenda – A simple, slick, speedy, no-nonsense task manager
  • Footnote – A beautiful, swift, and simple elementary-styled note-taking app
  • Go For It – A stylish to-do list with a built-in productivity timer
  • Hourglass – An elementary OS-styled clock app
  • MarkMyWords – A clutter-free markdown editor
  • Notes Up – A Markdown notes editor & manager
  • Spice-up – For creating beautiful presentations
  • Palaura – A verbose dictionary
  • Planner – An intuitive tool for tasks and project management
  • Pushy – A Pushbullet client for elementary OS
  • Quilter – A clutter-free writing app
  • Stickies – A simple sticky notes app
  • Tomato – An elementary OS-designed Pomodoro app
  • Writer – elementary OS’ own word processor


  • Bookworm – A simple ebook reader
  • FeedReader – A modern RSS client for existing web-based RSS accounts
  • Torrential – A stylish torrent downloader
  • Wallpaperize – Easily beautify any oddly-sized wallpaper
  • Webby – Browse the web in style


  • Birdie – A beautiful speedy Twitter client designed for elementary OS



  • Coin – An applet for tracking the virtual currencies in real-world currency value
  • Eidete – A simple app for screencasts
  • Eddy – A simple Debian package installer for elementary OS
  • Elements – A periodic table of all the elements in the universe!
  • Exchange – A nifty currency converter
  • Lottery – Can you predict who will be the winner?
  • Meteo – Monitor weather forecasts complete with data and maps
  • NaSC – Solve math questions like a normal person
  • Nutty – Get essential information concerning your network and related aspects
  • Taxi – A specialised FTP client for elementary OS
  • Translator – An efficient language translator for elementary OS
  • Web Watcher – Know when your websites are misbehaving




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