Elementary Operating System – A beautiful OS for Linux lovers

Elementary OS is an open source Ubuntu-based distro and one of the most awesome GNU/Linux distros ever. It has gained a lot of traction over the years, coming in at number 5 on Distro Watch’s popularity scale with over 1000 hits per day.

Elementary OS has beautiful features with a consistent user interface which makes it an ideal replacement for Microsoft Windows or even MAC OS. This OS has an active developers community and all the apps are custom built and lovely!

Let’s look at some features of this beautiful Linux distro:

Desktop UI

This stunning OS uses a beautiful KDE-based desktop called Pantheon. The user interface has a minimalist design in order to avoid clutter and focus more on the important features.

The app launcher icon is located in the top left corner of the screen. Date and time are indicated in the top middle and the control icons for volume, wifi, power, and Bluetooth are located in the top right corner.

A dock similar to Mac OS is located in the middle at the bottom of the screen to indicate which apps are running with your favorite app set.


The Elementary OS app center is an open source indie app market built according to the operating system’s security standards and design. It is structured in the best possible way to promote the best applications that might be important to the user and to welcome new application developers onboard.

It is very straightforward to use AppCenter and has 3 different ways to explore which includes Grid, Categories, and Search.

Grid: The apps are structured in an alphabetic grid for you to browse from A to Z.

Categories: Where you can view all the apps in a categorized pattern.

Search: Allows you to search for apps with certain keywords or phrases.

Default Applications

Elementary OS comes with excellent default applications. They include music, Epiphany web browser, Gaery mail fork, photos, videos, calendar, files, terminal, scratch, and camera are all built to work hand in hand with the OS’s functions.

A popular favorite app is transporter which is probably similar to the Android application ShareIt. The app allows you to send and receive files, as well as displaying the contents within your downloads folder.

The Elementary OS is licensed under GPL and can be repackaged and redistributed for other projects. Brilliant for developers or Linux guru’s looking to start a new project.


Elementary OS is a beautiful and consistent desktop environment which cannot be customized. There are no default themes to choose from and panels cannot be moved around. There is no dashboard and there is no context menu for the panel nor the dock that opens if you right-click.

All that said. This OS is open source and security focused. You can use your computer without a doubt that you are being spied on and it’s also ads free.

If you want a Linux operating system with a unique experience then Elementary OS is a good choice to go with.

Chad Crouch

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